About Us

Elevation Aerial Design and Consulting Inc. is a professional aerial design, consulting and training company.

Our staff are professional builders, designers, paddlers, climbers and teachers.  Elevation Aerial Design and Consulting has access to the most innovative designs, engineering services, cutting edge products and installation techniques found in Canada.

Through decades of experience as builders and outdoor educators, we have founded Elevation on 3 essential principals

  • Superior designs and engineering of all our aerial projects, customized to your needs
  • Solid execution of builds, training, inspections and product support
  • Fair industry pricing with consistent client support

The main benefits to working with Elevation are consistency and reliability in the following 5 key areas.

  • You can expect a professional analysis of your needs to maximize the potential and performance of your aerial project or training.
  • We will provide timely and competitive quotes, with all your questions answered and full disclosure on pricing, so you can make a wise and informed decision
  • We have expert designers and engineers on our team who will provide comprehensive details on your project. With access to the best software programming on the market, you can be assured all our builds well exceed industry safety standards and building codes.  A touch of class always helps to make your finished product a work of art.
  • Our builders, trainers and inspectors are industry professional allowing us nearly surgical execution of our projects. When it’s time to build, we have excellent crew support to get jobs on time with a high level of precision.
  • Ongoing support is part of our job. We consider all our clients business partners where the success and satisfaction of your facility, staff or family is very important to us.  We are always available for product support, consulting services, ongoing staff training, inspections and maintenance.  You are never alone once we have completed a build and we look forward to a long term relationship as your aerial vendor.

David Humphrys,  President, Director of Design, 705-789-7139, dave -at- elevationaerial.com

Mike Larsen, Director of Installations and Training, 705-571-6899, mike -at- elevationaerial.com