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We have several exciting Climbing Wall products and design options to match your needs and budget. Our experienced design and installation team have years of experience with indoor and outdoor Climbing and Bouldering walls.

Real Rock

Our newest product is a concrete wall that has been moulded of actual rock faces. When installed and painted it has the look and feel of natural rock. There are existing moulds of rocks from around North America to choose from. This product is designed to be climbable without modular climbing holds being added however if the client requests to have holds added this is possible. This product mimics climbing on real rock and provides the climber with functional routes matching their level of desired challenge.

Using this product we can also build custom boulders that will allow for 360 degree climbing.

Route Rock and Textured Wall

Another popular design option is our textured wall. Wood panels are attached to framing then sprayed with a durable textured finish allowing for increased traction. Custom color and design options are available. Numerous tee nuts are installed in the panels giving you the ability to change the location of climbing wall holds to match the skill level of the climber.

Your wall can have the custom look you want by adding feature like overhangs, arĂȘtes, corners and 3D shapes. These options provide you with the look you and provide routes with a varied degree of difficulty and challenge.

Decked Wall

Similar to our Textured wall, custom features like overhangs and arĂȘtes, and corners can be added. Rather than wood or cement panels wood decking boards are attached to the walls frame in various patterns giving your wall a defined look. Tee nuts are installed in the wood decking allowing for limitless route setting possibilities.