Inspections & Maintenance

Aconsult-columns-311x383nnual professional inspections are a requirement of most insurance companies, and considered to be an industry best practice. The ACCT standards as well as provincial camping and educational associations accreditation standards require an annual professional inspection by a qualified person for compliance. Elevation Aerial Design and Consulting has a team of experienced qualified professionals to handle all of your inspection needs.

When you schedule your professional inspection with us we will work to keep travel expense to a minimum by trying to schedule other inspections in your immediate area. Prior to arriving at your site, our qualified inspector will have familiarized themselves with your previous years’ inspections and will be equipped to deal with expected minor repairs such as: re-drilling belay posts, changing out hardware due to wear and corrosion, adjusting cable tensions, and tightening nuts.

More detailed repairs or new installations can be planned for in advanced but will likely require additional materials and time onsite to complete. Professional inspection with us includes a visual and physical inspection of all components (wood structures, metal hardware) of low elements, high elements, associated life safety systems. We will inspect the condition of the natural environment around all elements. All gear and equipment needed to operate the course will be inspected.

After completion of the inspection, the inspector will check out with the on-site contact and at this time provide an initial written report detailing any immediate safety concerns or areas that have failed the inspection. A more detailed report will be sent to the client shortly.