Aerial Adventure Parks

Designs and Installations

Custom Designs and Engineering

All our challenge courses and aerial parks are highly customized to the market needs and trends of your facility.  In order to maximize your investment, it is important we meet to discuss the direction of your business objectives as they relate to your clientele and operational needs.

As part of the initial consultation we can help refine the types of elements to install and present several products and technologies to maximize the safety, longevity and functionality of your aerial park.  Site visits are preferred so we have the most complete information possible regarding your project vision, scope, uniqueness of the location, client profiles, changes in demand, competition, staffing, operations, budget and risk exposure.

Types of Aerial Parks

The majority of aerial parks and challenge courses fall into two main categories: Single Track or Multi Directional.

Single Track Design consists of a defined start and end point, linked together by multiple elements .  There is only one option for the path taken yet multiple egress opportunities to exit the course if needed.  The elements or activities along route are typically beginner friendly in nature to ensure participants can complete the journey.   More challenging elements or zip lines can be left to the end with accessible egress points should clients choose not to participate. This style of design is good for family adventures such as canopy tours or organization seeking educational opportunities.

Multi Direction design incorporates multiple elements at various heights within a contained space.  Participants have the ability to choose their own path throughout the course allowing them to challenge themselves according to their comfort level and motivation.  This style of course is best built on utility poles to maximize the use of space with more reliable strengths and directional opportunities at the anchor points.

Working with Elevation

Elevation Aerial Design and Consulting has some of the most professional designers, engineers, builders, trainers and business planners in the industry.   We will work with you throughout the entire process of your build as an invested business partner.


Upon completion of a site visit and initial audit, our design team can estimate the costs of your build or expansion quite accurately so you can make a wise investment decision.   It is our goal to get you accurate quotes in a timely manner so you can move forward with your business planning, finances and marketing.  It is important to us to insure we have answered all your questions, provided sound advice and outlined the costing of your project with a fair and detailed quote.

Short Term Costs

Site Visit and Evaluation, Design and Planning, Arboreal Inspection if required, Site Preparation  (thinning of overgrowth / access to build), Installation Costs, Participant Safety Equipment, Operator’s Training, Landscaping, Equipment Storage

Long Term Costs

Annual Inspection and Staff Training, Maintenance and Repairs, Participant Equipment Replacement, Addition or Replacement of Elements for expansions or changing client trends


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Inspections & Maintenance

Training & Equipment

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