Why CLic-iT® Adventure? That’s Easy

CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE is communicating, dual-leg belay system for aerial adventure courses that provides peace of mind to those who climb it and those who run it.  Its simple and reliable mechanism paired with its unmatched durability and longevity, makes it a highly cost-efficient choice for any operator.  Customers benefit from easy, one-handed handling and passing capabilities.  CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE delivers continuous safety without costly modifications to the park. Installation is easy on new as well as existing courses and its versatility gives the necessary freedom in park design. CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE is compatible with all belay cables heights.

  • Sloped safety cables (up to 35°) are no problem for with our accessory C-STOP.
  • Passing through forks or intersections or even just passing one another is hassle-free with CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE.
  • Moving Challenges, like tarzan swings, can be easily integrated into the course and do not require additional safety cables, or special transfer mechanisms.
  • It can be used to keep a closed safety circuit on a zipline.
  • All auto belay and free fall products can be used in combination with CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE.
  • It enables an easy, closed-circuit integration of vertical progression elements, like ladders or climbing walls, either by cable loops or auto belay devices.
  • Sloped safety cables (up to 35°) are no problem for CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE with our accessory C-STOP.