Zip Lines are a popular and exhilarating ride! Many aerial park clients and backyard home owners love the rush of whizzing through the trees, over canyons and across water.

When designed properly, your zip line will offer a safe and thrilling adventure time and again!

Elevation has TSSA Ontario (Technical Safety and Standards Authority) licensed zip line mechanics to provide installation and inspection services on both small and large scale commercial operations.

For commercial Aerial Park Operators, zip lines are a proven money maker. For backyard homeowners and cottagers, let’s face it… you know you want one!

More Information

Elevation is capable of large scale builds including tower engineering, installing long spans of cable, platform installations with adequate fall protection, operator training, risk management planning, and equipment supply.

We have access to multiple zip line braking system technologies (including headrush technologies zipSTOP) to help improve the through-put of your operation while maintaining a comfortable customer experience.

Contact us by email at or by phone at 1-800-739-4992

For the cottage or home owner, Elevation would love to help turn your backyard into a place of adventure and excitement. If you have been dreaming of a zip line to compliment your property, it may be more accessible than you think.  We have engineered systems to ensure proper installation, and secure end anchors and high end safety equipment to make your riding experience enjoyable and hassle free.

We provide contracted mechanic services by licensed Ontario Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) Amusement Device Mechanics (ADM) holding a valid Zip Line endorsement.  Elevation Aerial is also able to provide Technical Dossier preparation and engineering services as required by the TSSA to operate a zip line that is open to the public.