Sterling – WorkPro – 11 mm (7/16″)

$1.08 Per Foot

Sterling’s newest static rope: a direct result of a rigorous in-use testing and evaluation process with rope access professionals working in variable and harsh conditions. The final design incorporates their feedback and benefits from our extensive experience working with nylon/ polyester mixed material ropes.

For the WorkPro, we developed an entirely new approach to rope construction—one that makes for balanced elongation in the core and sheath so they share the load evenly. This makes the WorkPro stronger than other 11 mm ropes of similar construction while retaining a small but important amount of elongation.

Diameter (mm): 11.0
MBS Rating (kN): 36.0
Weight (lb/100′): 5.6
Elongation at 300 lb (%): 3.0

NFPA 1983: Technical
EN 1891: Type A

NOTE: If selecting to add a Sewn eye(s) to your rope –  The Sewn Eye Item must be added to your cart for each rope in which you request One End or Both Ends to have sewn eyes added.

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