Custom Designs and Engineering

Challenge courses allow you to create intentional programming for site specific goals and client needs.  We work closely with our customers to create a challenge course that meets your specific programming and offers your clients an experience that is engaging, exciting and effective.

As part of the initial consultation, course design considerations would include choosing elements suited to accomplishing your specific program goals and that meet the practicalities of your clientele and standard group sizes.

Designing a course to meet your specific goals and budget

Elevation understands that each customer comes to us with a unique set of needs and goals.  Our goal is to assist our clients in designing a course that will satisfy not only their particular needs, but will offer a high-quality product that meets their budget requirements.  We look to carefully choose course elements specifically for each customer to maximize the safety, longevity and functionality of your challenge course. Our design experts will present new technologies and industry products to keep your facility ahead of changing market trends.

A site visit gives us the most complete information possible regarding your project vision and scope. To maximize the use of your budget and refine the design of your challenge course, we’ll discuss the following:

  • The uniqueness of your location, site access and any environmental protection needed
  • Your client profiles, new markets, changes in demand and the competitive advantage you are seeking
  • Facility operations, staffing and your specific staffing model, training procedures, and risk exposure
  • Budget and ongoing service needs (inspections, equipment orders, training)