The design of a treehouse should accomplish two major goals:

1 » From the ground, it must be an intriguing structure that is inviting and adds to its natural surroundings.

2 » Once inside, you should feel securely transported into a simple, more playful and elegant world.

Elevation Aerial Design and Consulting will strike a balance between a strong, sturdy structure while preserving the ecological integrity of your trees and natural surroundings.

Enjoy the new perspective and panoramic views from your luxury treehouse. Entertain guests, watch the kids play, and relax as the sunset fades into stars.

More Information

There are several variables before a price quote can be provided. Here are some examples to consider.

Access to the Project Site

It will make a big difference if we can access the build site by vehicle to move materials vs crossing a bog and climbing a cliff. Labour time, protecting sensitive habitat, rope access and the size of materials we need to move will all play a role here.

Platform Size and Complexity

We typically build on 12′, 16′ or 20′ platforms. We can install these at various heights on the tree for multi-level tree houses depending on the strength and species of tree. Building in multiple trees increases the complexity of the design. Optimal tree diameter should be between 16″ to 22″ at the platform attachment height.

Design Options

Walls, doors, windows, lofts, skylights, insulation, running water, electricity etc. If you dream it, we can build it! Some people want a simple tree gazebo with a roof and open-air balcony while others want a full service kitchen and four season insulation for guest rooms. Dream big, we can always add to it later!

Finishing and Features

Would you like plywood or hardwood flooring? Cedar or knotty pine interior? Any fixtures for running water, lighting, kitchens or sleep systems will vary the cost.

Getting into the Tree House

We can build elegant spiral stairs around the tree or secure a wooden ladder through a trap door. Some people extend a boardwalk or suspension bridge from an existing balcony off your house or cottage. There are many exciting options to add such as cargo nets, climbing walls, bridges to other trees and even zip lines.

For these reason, all quotes are custom according to your vision and budget. Contact us so we can get started on providing you with the tree house of your dreams.

Step 1: Consultation
Now that you have decided to contact us for further information, we will need to know a little more about your vision, your trees, access to the building site and budget. Our design team can answer all your questions and complete a “needs assessment” to help with a price estimate and design for your tree house. Please visit our Design Considerations resource to help begin your journey of designing your dream tree house.


Step 2: Site Visit
Now it’s time to go to work on your custom design. A site visit is preferred so we can evaluate the access to the building site and do a preliminary inspection of the trees. Here we can gather the best information possible on your design vision, review some sketches and consult on any site preparations needed such as root protection and thinning of overgrowth. At this stage it is advisable to have an arboreal inspection of the trees to ensure a strong and healthy base for your structure.

Please note there are associated travel and consulting costs to a site visit. If distance and cost are an issue, we can discuss using alternative technologies available to help with this phase of the process.

Step 3: Design

By now you have chosen a design you like. We will do a full design package including a budget and detailed drawings for your review. Once you are happy with the design and price, we will compete the technical drawings and (if needed) submit them to your municipality to comply with any building code requirements.

We will present a formal contract of services for your review prior to beginning the technical drawings.

Step 4: The Build

Our skilled craftsman will arrive and install your custom design. Throughout the building process we will keep you informed of progress. Walk throughs are not advisable during construction as working at heights requires specialized equipment and training until the structure is stable. Upon completion we will do an inspection with you to ensure the project is completed to your satisfaction.

We will review any maintenance, general inspection and safety consideration details with you.

Step 5: Relax and Enjoy

We know you will enjoy your new tree house. If any questions, concerns or expansion desires arise, we are available for consultation. We provide inspection and repair services as needed and are always happy to discuss add-on features

Step 6: Expansions and Additions

Now that you have lived with your tree house for some time, let’s add a little more fun and excitement! Consider adding some of the following options

  • Bridges to other trees or platforms
  • Climbing walls or boulders
  • Cargo nets or rope ladders
  • Zip Lines
  • Tubes or slides
  • Rope swings
  • Trap doors or hidden entrances
  • Quick jump auto belay
  • Wheel chair and stroller accessible ramps