Work and Play at height in any industry or setting comes with significant risk.  These risks are a concern to camp, business and commercial owners and employers who want to offer a high standard of training and maintenance to ensure employee and customer safety.

Elevation can help minimize these risks for your facility through professional risk management planning and staff training to ensure your compliance with industry regulations, standards and best practice.

We would be happy to discuss your Training, Inspection and Maintenance needs to improve your operational safety and risk management practices.  Please contact us by email at or by phone at 1-800-739-4992

More Information

Step 1: Consultation

Contact us for a consultation on your operational needs. Elevation will visit your facility for a complete evaluation and provide solutions pertaining to your risk exposure, rescue systems, inspection documentation and staff training needs.

Step 2: Program Development

Each operator and facility is unique.  We will develop a program tailored for your staff and site that ensures compliance with industry standards / regulations.

Step 3: Delivery of Training

Elevation will deliver a custom, on-site training program for your staff. Our professional instructors will share their experience and knowledge working at heights in a strategic, hands-on progression to maximize learning and competence of your operators.